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<strong>Barry Sheerman MP, Labour and Co-operative Member of Parliament for Huddersfield</strong>
Barry Sheerman MP, Labour and Co-operative Member of Parliament for Huddersfield

Barry served as the Chair of the Education Select Committee for ten years. Throughout his career as a parliamentarian, he has been a passionate social enterpriser and championed a variety of causes from international road safety, to greater sustainability here in the UK. Barry was responsible for the legislation against children being carried unrestrained in cars. Since then, Barry has advised on road safety internationally and played a crucial role in global efforts to lower the number of deaths on the road. Barry’s interests also include waste management, sustainable communities, autism awareness, education and skills, and transport.

Barry is the Chair of Optimised Waste & Logistics (OWL) partnership, which brings together suppliers from the waste, transport and logistics industries to develop products and services that are truly integrated. Barry has recently set up the Westminster Commission for Road Air Pollution, which aims to eliminate road transport air pollution.

<strong>Jason Airey, Managing Director at CMS SupaTrak</strong>
Jason Airey, Managing Director at CMS SupaTrak

Jason enjoys every minute of running his telematics business. He aims to help customers reduce costs, be compliant and increase operational efficiency. As a connected fleet specialist, Jason is proud to lead a team of world-leading engineers which is designing and manufacturing vehicle telematics systems here in the UK.

Jason specialises in making a difference, and he has been instrumental in setting up the Optimised Waste & Logistics (OWL), and Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality initiatives. These innovation partnerships are helping shape best practice and increase road safety in the waste and transport and logistics sectors.

Jason has pioneered telematics systems for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) assisting them to increase first-time fix rates and to aid their customers in managing their fleets more efficiently.

<strong>Ann-Marie Knegt, Creative Director – Visie Communications</strong>
Ann-Marie Knegt, Creative Director – Visie Communications

Ann-Marie has over 16 years of experience in editing several B2B magazine titles in the municipal transport, firefighting and industrial fire protection industries. Ann-Marie launched the successful Future Fleet Forum, in partnership with the City of London, City of New York, City of Montreal, the SOE and CILT.

Ann-Marie has organised several other events and regularly leads industry panel discussions all over the world.

After her time as a journalist, Ann-Marie set up Visie Communications with her Business Partner Jason Pidgeon. With Visie meaning vision in Dutch, this dynamic agency specialises in highly-targeted thought-leadership events for the B2B sector as well as public relations, media liaisons, and business consultancy. Most recently, Visie took on the contract for the all-ready well-established Optimised Waste and Logistics Roadshows (OWL).

She recently launched the highly acclaimed online publication, Fleet Vision International – the official journal of OWL and the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality.

Ann-Marie has an expansive knowledge of municipal transport, fleet and firefighting and fire protection practice worldwide. She was was also a six-time judge member for the International Firefighting Team of the Year Award, (Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award) as well as head of the judging panel for the Future Fleet Awards.

<strong>Fraser Crichton, Corporate Fleet Manager – Dundee City Council</strong>
Fraser Crichton, Corporate Fleet Manager – Dundee City Council

Fraser has worked for Dundee City Council since 2001. In 2011, he was appointed Assistant Manager of the newly formed Corporate Fleet Department. Fraser has been at the forefront of implementing electric vehicles and infrastructure in Dundee as well as surrounding local authorities. Pro-active in the council’s drive towards the EV uptake of the city’s taxi industry, he has presented at many UK/ European conferences where he has articulated his knowledge and expertise in the practicalities of electric vehicle adoption.

<strong>Glen Davies FCILT, Transport and Logistics Specialist – AtoH Solutions</strong>
Glen Davies FCILT, Transport and Logistics Specialist – AtoH Solutions

Glen has been employed in logistics and transport all his working life, and is currently Associate Consultant at CILT and leads on a range of projects in freight policy, city logistics, environment and safety. Before his time at CILT, Glen worked at TfL where he developed, managed and nationalised FORS, created the CLOCS initiative and worked with heavy-goods vehicle manufacturers, operators and regulators to initiate the Direct Vision Standard for HGVs. Glen’s earlier career gained him first-hand operational experience where he was responsible for fleet capability, transport compliance and road safety across a 9000-vehicle fleet.

<strong>Russell Markstein, Group Sales Director – NRG Fleet Services & Commercial Director – Electra Commercial Vehicles</strong>
Russell Markstein, Group Sales Director – NRG Fleet Services & Commercial Director – Electra Commercial Vehicles

Russell has been involved in the municipal industry for thirty years. Having started as an apprentice in the plant workshop at Northamptonshire County Council, and having spent eighteen years at a competitor, he joined Riverside Truck Rental twelve years ago (part of the NRG Fleet Services Group of companies). Russell has been involved in all aspects of the NRG Group in a sales role and predominantly as the Group Commercial Director overseeing tenders for tyres, contract hire and maintenance and the contractual compliance. More recently, he became Commercial Director of Electra Commercial Vehicles, the Electra commercial vehicle chassis is a ground-breaking product, particularly with the Clean Air Zones, ULEZ and demand from Local Government.

<strong>Dr Gavin Bailey, Principal Consultant in Sustainable Future Transport and Mobility Solutions – Eunomia</strong>
Dr Gavin Bailey, Principal Consultant in Sustainable Future Transport and Mobility Solutions – Eunomia

Gavin joined Eunomia in September 2019 and is Eunomia’s lead for sustainable future transport.
Gavin is a specialist in the development of environmentally and economically sustainable freight, fleets and supply chains through the use of computational optimisation models, accompanied by his extensive knowledge and experience of soft- and hard- engineering solutions available. In addition to this, he also has in-depth experience of a broad range of areas within the field of transportation, including low- and zero-emissions vehicle technologies, new and emerging modes and technologies (HGV platooning, connected and autonomous vehicles, drones, freight-based hyperloop concepts), Mobility as a Service.

Recent relevant projects include directing the independent monitoring and evaluation of several low- and zero-emissions vehicle technologies nationwide. Gavin’s role on such projects was to provide technical assurance and obtain consensus from multiple stakeholders (OEMs such as DAF, Nissan and Volvo; vehicle operators, project managers, local- and government authorities) for the agreed assessment methodologies. He has held positions as a technical advisor on the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership’s Commercial Partnership Working Group. While at TRL, he led research programmes, resulting in calls for Government action on crucial issues affecting air quality and congestion, such as the future of freight.

<strong>Andy Graves, Product Marketing Manager – Chassis at Dennis Eagle</strong>
Andy Graves, Product Marketing Manager – Chassis at Dennis Eagle

Andy Graves joined the RCV manufacturing industry in 1972 and has been part of the engineering team at Dennis Eagle since 1991.
His vast experience in the sector has now positioned him with a unique role, having input into product design, development and production, all the way through to marketing of refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) and specialist HGV chassis.
Andy has been part of many collaborations and ground-breaking projects including:

– Renault D-Access: a joint venture with Renault for the French market

– Penske CV: providing RCVs for Australian and New Zealand markets

– PVI: Electrical vehicle partnership
eCollect – Dennis Eagle’s first all-electric RCV

– Transport for London and LoCITY projects including CLOCS, ULEZ and Direct Vision Standard

Outside of work, Andy is a keen cyclist and an advocate of all things Green.

<strong>Alexander Anderson, Service Manager Waste Solutions, Fife Council</strong>
Alexander Anderson, Service Manager Waste Solutions, Fife Council

Sandy Anderson has been working in the waste industry for the last 17 years with Fife Council. After initially signing up for a six-month summer contract, he has carried out almost every role possible on the way up to service manager. Sandy manages a team of around 220 employees. The organisation provides a Domestic Waste Collection service to the 181,000 properties in Fife.

This summer, Sandy will be expanding his staff to 400 people, when he takes over the management of the Street Cleansing Department for Fife.

<strong>Kevin Barcroft, Academy Training Manager – Simply Waste Solutions</strong>
Kevin Barcroft, Academy Training Manager – Simply Waste Solutions

Kevin has been in the logistics and waste sectors for over 30 years. His current responsibilities within Simply Waste Solutions include installing and maintaining a culture of environmental, safety and legally compliant excellence within the business. He achieves this by introducing various training initiatives. Kevin managed the in-house Driver CPC Training Centre, where he designed and implemented bespoke Driver CPC and e-learning courses. Within the last 12 months, he helped reduced reportable road traffic collisions by 66%, and in the previous four years, he helped improve within Simply Waste fuel-efficiency by over 20% – 4%. He also aided in enhancing the company legal compliance (tachograph infringements) by over 85%.
His other positions in the broader industry include:
– Part of original (EU Skills/ESA) working group, designing ‘Street Safe Sam’.

– Chairman of FTA East of England Regional Freight Council.

– Member of UK (National) Freight Council.

<strong><strong>Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director at SUEZ Recycling & Recovery UK</strong></strong>
Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director at SUEZ Recycling & Recovery UK

Before joining SUEZ UK, Adam was Ricardo’s global waste management lead, specialising in waste strategy, service procurement and recycling system design. Adam spent 15 years in significant consultancies, supporting city and regional waste strategy deliver, site development and stakeholder consultation.

Adam sits on numerous industry technical working groups through the ESA, Aldersgate Group, EIC and Society for the Environment, is a regular speaker and facilitator, a technical report and article author. He has been in the sector for almost 25 years specialising in municipal waste management strategy, recycling services, contracts and consultation, and continues to support UK service innovation through his involvement at SUEZ and more widely through the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management.

Adam is a Fellow of the CIWM, the RSA, IOM3 and the Royal Geographical Society and is the CIWM ‘s incoming President, taking up the reigns in June 2020.

<strong><strong>Laura Williams, Senior Consultant at Eunomia</strong></strong>
Laura Williams, Senior Consultant at Eunomia

Laura joined Eunomia in September 2015. Eunomia is developing a low carbon strategy for Malta, on behalf of the Malta Ministry for Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change (MESDC)), and Laura is Eunomia’s lead researcher for the energy sector. Laura also worked on a project for Tees Valley Combined Authority to assess the potential for energy demand management in the region.
Laura has managed a variety of Eunomia waste infrastructure projects for local authority and private clients and is therefore familiar with the requirements and specific nuances of permitting and fire prevention plans. Laura recently worked on a site feasibility assessment for waste storage on behalf of Pembroke Port Authority, as well as several site design projects and many projects reviewing WTS and HWRC compliance with current FPP guidance.

With a background in environmental management and policy, Laura has expertise in renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste infrastructure.

<strong>Kevin O'Sullivan, Sales Director at Thomas Group</strong>
Kevin O’Sullivan, Sales Director at Thomas Group

Kevin has been working for the Thomas Group since 2012. He has a wealth of technical expertise, with 35 years experience within manufacturing, technical support, sales and service.

Kevin enjoys active engagement in powertrain industry working groups/committees. He is currently serving as chairman for British Marines Engines & Equipment Association, active IAAF CV committee member and very recently joined the new WRACQ membership/working groups.

His career started at the workbench within a diesel injection business, eventually part owning the business. He moved into more global roles from technical support covering 14 countries to managing service support teams for UK car manufacturers.

<strong>Stephen Strange, <strong>Head of UK Sales at CMS SupaTrak </strong></strong>
Stephen Strange, Head of UK Sales at CMS SupaTrak 

Stephen spent over ten years defining and managing the implementation of fuel management solutions for organisations such as the Royal Mail Group, J Sainsbury Plc, and Fife Council.

Having joined CMS SupaTrak over three years ago, Stephen helps his clients to monitor their fuel usage. He also works with driver behaviour and route optimisation technology to provide both private and public sector fleet operators with the information necessary to improve their MPG and reduce their impact on the environment.

He is currently responsible for the UK Sales, Account Management and the Managed Service Team at CMS SupaTrak. Stephen also works closely with the CMS Development Team and existing customers to design both new and innovative products, including the soon to be released, next-generation, JobTrak Domestic Waste solution.

<strong>Matt Horwell, Regional Sales Manager – Midlands and North West at Dennis Eagle</strong><br> 
Matt Horwell, Regional Sales Manager – Midlands and North West at Dennis Eagle

After initially working as a buyer at Triumph Motorcycles for 12 years, Matt moved into a more customer-facing position within sales and account management at Go Plant. There, he specialised in providing self-drive hires for road sweepers, pedestrian sweepers, gully emptiers and refuse collection vehicles.
Having enjoyed working directly with local authorities and private sector clients and specialising in technical products, Matt joined Dennis Eagle as a Regional Sales Manager where he has been since June 2009.
Matt enjoys direct interaction with his customers and building long-term relationships. Securing prestigious business and major accounts has and is his priority.
Matt also manages the following key accounts:
– Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Framework: encompassing most of the local authorities within both counties
– Procurement Lincolnshire Framework: the route for purchasing RCVs for authorities within Lincolnshire and Yorkshire
– Birmingham City Council

T<strong>om Fullerton, Regional Sales Manager – Scotland and Northern England at Dennis Eagle</strong><br> 
Tom Fullerton, Regional Sales Manager – Scotland and Northern England at Dennis Eagle

Tom started his career in the tyre industry in 1999, after which he moved onto positions as Sales Manager at Egbert Taylor then Packawaste.
He has now been a member of the Dennis Eagle team for more than 15 years. He is well-liked by his customers and enjoys building long-term and stable relationships with customers which yield great results. 
He prides himself in putting his client’s requirements first and providing solutions that are fit-for-purpose for them. Most importantly, Tom does not only want to deliver the right truck for his clients, but he also continues to provide top-level after-service during the full life of the fleet and beyond. He believes that this passion has been a significant factor in his career success at Dennis Eagle.

<strong>Richard Collins, Sales and Marketing Director – VPG Onboard Weighing</strong><br> 
Richard Collins, Sales and Marketing Director – VPG Onboard Weighing

Richard is responsible for the strategic sales and marketing worldwide of vehicle weighing solutions and leads a team of global sales professional and distributors. Since joining VPG in 2011, Richard has been instrumental in expanding into new territories within Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. 
Richard has a wealth of knowledge in the vehicle weighing solutions industry along with various governments compliance and legislations relating to overloaded vehicles.
Richard can offer advice on the most suitable types of vehicle weighing or overload protection solutions for any type of vehicle.

<strong><strong>Grahame Neagus – Head of LCV at Renault Trucks for UK & Irelan</strong></strong>d<br> 
Grahame Neagus – Head of LCV at Renault Trucks for UK & Ireland

Grahame has been in the industry since 1984, operating within LCV, HGV and Contract Hire sectors During the 80’s and 90’s he spent time at both Seddon Atkinson and Foden Trucks before nearly 10 years at Lex Autolease, setting up and running the LCV Division. 2016, Grahame joined Renault Trucks as Head of LCV for UK and Ireland, designing and implementing a new sales strategy across the network including the introduction of the ZE electromobility range.
An innovative, visionary and passionate leader, Grahame has and continues to drive sales and innovation within Renault Trucks forward into new markets with clear ambitions in ensuring all aspects of transportation are able to participate in the new world of electrification.

<strong><strong>Craig Mitchell – Regional Sales Manage</strong>r at Bucher Municipal</strong><br> 
Craig Mitchell – Regional Sales Manager at Bucher Municipal

Craig is responsible for Scotland, Northern Ireland, Cumbria & Northumberland. Craig has 30 years’ experience in the Capital Equipment industry, having various positions, including Service Engineer, Service Manager before moving into Sales. Craig has worked for Bucher Municipal since April 2019. Since the launch of Bucher’s electric sweeper range, Craig has been engaging with local authorities, which resulted in Europe’s first fully electric, zero emissions truck mounted sweepers being delivered into 2 Scottish Councils in 2020

<strong><strong>Ryan Ferguson – UK Sales Manager</strong></strong><br> 
Ryan Ferguson – UK Sales Manager

Ryan is responsible for UK sweeper sales, leading a team of five highly skilled Regional Sales Managers. 
Ryan joined Bucher Municipal as South East Regional Sales Manager in April 2019. Ryan has over 15 years Automotive and Commercial Vehicle sales and aftersales experience, during this time he held various positions such as Sales Executive, Business Manager and Sales Manager in both South Africa and the United Kingdom, working for companies such as BMW and Mercedes Benz.
Ryan has been very involved with the launching of the new Bucher Municipal fully electric vehicles and is looking forward to the exiting zero emissions revolution.