Fleet Vision International

Fleet Vision International is an international magazine aimed at fleet, transport and operational and workshop depot directors/managers. These professionals deal with sophisticated commercial fleets and frontline services.
Our readers work in local authorities, contracting organisations, emergency services, construction companies, utilities, airports, and transport operations.

Published by Visie Communications, Fleet Vision International is brought to you by a team steeped in the industry. Ann-Marie Knegt (Editor) has more than 16 years of experience covering the local authority fleet and emergency services sector. Jason Pidgeon (Commercial) has worked for ten years in the local authority transport industry.
Together they bring you a fresh perspective on all the issues that matter.

Our mission is to create a knowledge exchange platform between the public sector and private fleets, major international cities, Government, and transport authorities.

FVI is the official magazine of the OWL Partnership and the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality.

Our aims:

Fleet Vision International aims to:
• To provide solutions to create clean fleets
• To reduce emissions from diesel and petrol fleets
• To promote cleaner air for all
• To support better workshop and maintenance
• To improve fleet and road safety standards
• To enhance diversity in fleet management
• To develop fleet procurement standards
• To attract drivers and mechanics to the industry
• To promote driver and staff wellbeing

Fleet Vision International provides clients with a unique route to market each quarter, reaching more than 10,000 of the most powerful fleet and operational managers across a variety of sectors.