OWL North – the topics that matter

OWL North takes place on 16 November 2023 in the luxurious surroundings of the Majestic Hotel and Spa in Harrogate. The speaker line-up is more exciting than ever, so take advantage of this defining event that tackles critical topics for fleet managers.

CMS SupaTrak’s MD and Founder of OWL, Jason Airey, will highlight the challenges of operating trucks now and in the future at OWL North. Jason will demonstrate how the Optimised Waste & Logistics (OWL) Connected Truck can assist operators in achieving maximum efficiency, reducing costs, staying safe and compliant, and meeting their sustainability objectives.

Jason explains: ‘The future of fleet management has arrived with the OWL Connected Truck, a ground-breaking solution that integrates best-in-class technologies from OWL partners. This innovative platform offers operators a comprehensive solution for optimising driver behaviour, enhancing safety, and ensuring efficient vehicle management through its advanced telematics system.’

At the heart of the OWL Connected Truck lies its telematics solution, enabling operators to effectively manage and monitor their fleet’s performance in real time. With a precise understanding of driver performance, operators can determine areas for progress, promote safer driving techniques, and ultimately reduce accidents and fuel consumption.

Safety takes centre stage with the OWL Connected Truck. It features advanced AI camera systems, ensuring enhanced safety for vulnerable road users and drivers. By actively monitoring and alerting drivers to pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles, the system significantly reduces the risk of accidents and fosters a safer environment for everyone sharing the road.

‘The OWL Connected Truck also provides overload protection, managing a vital consideration in fleet management,’ Jason says. ‘Through advanced sensors and intelligent algorithms, the system can detect and prevent overloading, safeguarding against potential damage to the vehicle and ensuring compliance with weight regulations. This feature prolongs the truck’s lifespan and helps operators avoid expensive penalties.

‘The OWL Connected Truck also plays a key part in supporting operators by navigating emerging technologies. This innovative platform is a comprehensive educational tool, providing fleet managers with valuable insights and practical experience using these reduced and zero-tailpipe emission technologies.’

By integrating real-time data, performance analytics, and interactive training modules, the OWL Connected Truck helps operators embrace and master the advancements in transition fuels and technologies and electric and hydrogen fuel-cell trucks. Jason explains that it serves as a bridge between traditional trucking practices and the future of sustainable transport, enabling operators to unlock the full potential of these new technologies and make informed decisions for their fleets.

Jason will examine the OWL Connected Truck’s diverse elements, delving into its inner workings and how fleet managers can leverage it to optimise their operations.

OWL North conference

Mick Sweetmore, Head of Fleet Engineering and Transport Services, Merseyside Police, will host the OWL North conference. He will introduce the keynote speaker, Professor Alistair Lewis, Atmospheric Chemistry, University of York, who is back by popular demand after he spoke at the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality’s round table at OWL North last year.

Professor Lewis comments: ‘Attending my presentation will be essential for fleet managers. The 2020s will prove to be pivotal in transforming urban air quality in the UK, with road transport as one of the few sectors to begin the process of decarbonisation in earnest. Decisions made now on net zero, future fuels and energy sources will define the level of ambition that we can set for air quality and public health for decades to come.’

Vehicle demonstrations and exhibitor meet and greet

OWL North would not be complete without the vehicle demos and exhibitor meet and greet, during which attendees will learn how the latest vehicle technology can benefit operations during live demonstrations by spending time with each exhibitor.


Chris Demetriou, Assistant Director of Corporate Fleet, Transport and Accessible Community Transport, London Borough of Islington, will discuss Islington Council’s e-mobility journey while highlighting video telematics’ role during this process.

Rowland Potter, MD, Executive Consultancy Services, will highlight how to maintain positive mental health in an organisation by telling his own story.

Rowland comments: ‘One Positive Action, to make tomorrow better than yesterday, is a technique that has changed my life from a suicidal rough sleeper, empty of everything, to a successful business owner, qualified NLP Practitioner and positive contributor to individuals, communities and society.

‘Life can be challenging. Existence can be fragile. You may not have experienced a crisis in your life, but equally, you might, or you might be aware of a friend, colleague or family member who is having that experience now.

‘In this short presentation, I will highlight some straightforward steps we can all take to help ourselves and others mitigate life’s challenges and support or seek the support of others before it becomes too late.

‘The logistics and freight industry is a strong community in its family connections. Shows such as OWL bring that family together and provide the opportunity to connect and support each other, so come along.’

Simon McCulloch, Technical Sales Manager at Dennis Eagle, will discuss the upcoming General Safety Regulations 2 changes. Attendees will learn what these changes entail and how they affect their operations.

Kevin Barcroft, Academy Training Manager, CMS SupaTrak, will demonstrate how driver CPC and performance change programmes produce business value.

‘My presentation will show how Driver CPC doesn’t just have to be a tick-box exercise. See how it can be engaging, immersive, educational, and no chore for drivers,’ commented Kevin.

‘Attendees will discover how combining an intelligent telematics solution with a driver behaviour change programme can improve your fleet’s performance, well-being, and compliance and safety improvements.’

OWL North promises to be a must-attend event and closes off with a delicious lunch, which Assetworks has kindly sponsored. Register today for your free spot.