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Bridgend opts for Hako

Bridgend County Borough Council pitted four different sweeper brands against each other in a week-long competitive trial and chose Hako’s Citymaster 1600

Bridgend County Borough Council has acquired two Citymaster 1600 sweepers for use in the main town centre as well as some of the county’s smaller towns.

Hako Machines is a global manufacturer of cleaning machines, with a comprehensive range of pedestrian and ride-on sweepers and scrubber driers. The company’s multifunctional outdoor range has been designed for highway and street cleaning requirements and includes a versatile range of street cleansing, winter maintenance, and grounds maintenance attachments.

Bridgend Council chose the Hako sweepers after a week-long head-to-head trial attended by Hako and three other industry competitors back in January.

‘We were all asked to bring a 3.5-tonne machine and a 4/6-tonne sweeper,’ says Hako Managing Director Sylvie Giangolini. ‘The council evaluated all the sweepers for comfort, ride quality, and suction performance, as well as claimed payloads.’

The head-to-head demonstration process designed by the staff at Bridgend County Borough Council enabled them to assess the entire compact sweeper market accurately and effectively. In comparing different machines simultaneously under controlled conditions, the authority was able to determine with confidence that they were buying the best sweepers.

Bridgend County Borough Council decided that the capability of the 1600, combined with its ability to be driven on a class B licence, meant the local authority did not require a larger machine at all and opted for two Citymaster 1600s.

Sylvie says Hako’s customer service was also a factor in the decision. ‘Since the increase in municipal orders, Hako has increased its team of engineers to ensure we have available engineers in every area of the UK. Our field service team, which operates across the UK, is supported by a next-day parts delivery service, while a dedicated head office-based customer service team supports all UK customers.’

Sylvie adds: ‘Our sweepers have been designed with quality, flexibility and longevity in mind. Our customers buy Hako sweepers for their innovative, robust, versatile and long-lasting capabilities. They stay with Hako because of the aftersales service they receive, and we pride ourselves on finding the right solutions for our customers and working with them as contracts develop and their requirements change. Our flexible approach to doing business means that we don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we are collaborative, and we listen and take action as required.’