Bucher Municipal reveals the CityCat V20 series

The new purpose-built CityCat V20 series keeps urban areas and public spaces clean while lowering fuel and energy emissions. 

Poor air quality negatively impacts our quality of life, causing many long-term worldwide health issues. The European Commission’s Clean Air package aims to reduce air pollution by 2030 substantially. The United States of America EPA’s Clean Air Act and Canada’s Climate and Clean Air Coalition and the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality work towards cleaner air.

‘Bucher reviews the efficiencies and effects of street cleaning technologies. So, our new vehicles have been designed to help reduce environmental impact and increase productivity and cost-effectiveness,’ commented Graham Howlett, General Manager at Bucher UK.

Special features of the new sweeper include:

  • A specially designed, scalable in capacity Bucher battery pack
  • All-new Smart-Con operating concept
  • CSense touch display
  • More efficient, energy-optimised fan

These characteristics enable vehicles to clean everywhere from the narrowest of passages to the largest civic spaces.

The environmental impact of fleet vehicles has never been a more critical issue for cities and towns. Bucher Municipal’s CityCat V20 series offers reduced noise emissions, low water usage from a recirculation system, and high dust suppression. Plus, with the all-electric CityCat V20e sweeper, municipal leaders can boast zero emissions and the lowest noise levels.

Further benefits include a single wheel suspension, soft-touch steering wheel, and ergonomic controls for exceptional comfort, along with a range of built-in safety features such as the ROPS tested cab. Performance has also improved with a new fan placement, optimised airflow, pulled sweep gear, and wide diameter, straight suction hose.

The floating suction intake is attached to a patented mounting mechanism, which ensures maximum air velocity for perfect sweeping results, no matter how uneven the surface.

Res Bieri, Head of Product Management & Marketing at Bucher Municipal, commented: ‘We are incredibly pleased to offer the new CityCat V20 series to the urban cleaning market. With a suite of new technologies developed to make street cleaning more environmentally friendly and more time-efficient, the new vehicles also offer economic benefits. 

Low emission electric vehicles are the way forward. They will enable public sector organisations to run a profitable business in a more sustainable world – and we have the proof right here.’

The CityCat V20 sweepers are articulated flagship sweepers

V20 sweepers, built with a state-of-the-art engine design or the zero-emission Bucher Battery Pack. The design keeps low maintenance in mind, which achieves longer service intervals and less wear and tear, all adding up to a lower total cost of ownership. Operators only need a standard driver license for both the diesel and fully electric versions of the V20 series street sweepers.

The new CityCat V20 series North America offering focuses on the fully electric CityCat V20e and the CityCat V20 diesel models.