Bucher Municipal, Johnston Sweepers, Beam and JHL umbrella

Bucher Municipal unites all of its brands under one umbrella

Bucher Municipal has united all of its brands – Johnston Sweepers, Beam, and JHL – under one umbrella, and is celebrating with new product updates.

Bucher Municipal, which has owned Johnston Sweepers and Beam since 2005, and JHL since 2016, wants to show the world that it is one company with one identity.

To celebrate the rebrand, Bucher Municipal is introducing two new product lines to the UK market and a host of upgrades. Bucher has launched a new rear suction 8m³ sweeper, a new compact sweeper, a new electric compact sweeper, new stage five auxiliary engines, and most significantly, Smoothflow air technology to all the truck-mounted sweeper products. All V50, V65, and V80 sweepers delivered from the 1 September 2020 will feature the new Smoothflow technology. When supplied with preference plus, this provides up to 40% better pick up performance at the same engine revs over the existing Johnston V-range sweepers. The improved suction can also be turned into environmental and fuel savings as the sweepers can perform the same tasks at lower revs than the previous Johnston equivalent. Bucher estimates up to 30% lower fuel consumption can be achieved over the current Johnston V-range. As tax relief on red diesel is set to go in 2022, this could amount to significant fuel-saving opportunities.

The reduced engine revs also mean that the noise level is reduced by 2dB(A). How has this been done? Simply put, the engineers have taken out all the bumps in the air system, improving the internal aerodynamics and enabling air to move through the sweeper faster. To maximise this innovation, Bucher has redesigned the JVM (Johnston Visual Monitor) to show fan speed as a percentage of power opposed to engine revs. Bucher has also introduced three settings: eco mode, standard mode [Eco mode override] and performance [Boost]. The power is variable between each of the settings, but the modes make it easier for the operator to select the power required for operation. The power [Boost] mode will only be available with the preference plus option, meaning the manager can lock or unlock the high power option.

Smoothflow is also available on the Hydrostatic sweepers, offering even more significant improvements on pick up performances and lower fuel use. In the tests carried out by Johnston, the VS Bucher product approached the suction of a 129kW twin-engine sweeper usually found on the Beam products. Bucher is aware that many customers, prospects, and rivals may be sceptical about these claims. Still, Johnston Sweepers/Bucher Municipal has applied for four patent applications and seven registered designs to protect the design and innovation of the new Smoothflow technology, so this is one claim to put to the test.

Fuel and emissions savings

Dawsongroup has already seen the benefits to customers and has ordered 50 new truck-mounted sweepers with Smoothflow air technology. The new units are available now.Paul Brewer, the Operations Director of Dawsongroup, says Smoothflow can be compared to a 50 pence piece and a 10 pence piece – the previous Johnston VT652 fan cowling having been rounded on the new V65T to improve the airflow through the vacuum system.

Glen Carruthers, Dawsongroup Commercial Director, adds: ‘The new Bucher V65T and the V80Ts use less fuel and produce lower emissions. It is a great advantage to environmentally focused customers, while the improved performance allows the sweeper to be used for heavy-duty road construction operations at lower costs.’