Do you want to see how Bucher’s new electric truck-mounted sweeper performs?

Leigh Bottel, Regional Sales Manager for Bucher Municipal, will demonstrate the new V65e electric truck-mounted sweeper during OWL Live Wales.

Over 20 different councils have signed up so far for OWL Live Wales, and they can see how this innovative 16-tonne electric road sweeper operates.
Leigh Bottel explained: ‘The V65e is a testament of Bucher Municipal’s continuous improvement and engineering excellence. We went through a vigorous electrification R&D process, and our EV technology is based on mature automotive technology producing zero emissions at the tailpipe.
‘The truck-mounted sweeper has been designed and proven to last. Real-life working trials have shown the units have more than enough charge to complete a whole days work.’

Ben Williams, Marketing Manager for Bucher Municipal, added: ‘Through our walk around the units, we will show the key benefits of moving to electric and how Bucher support municipals on their green journey. We look forward to seeing you at OWL Live Wales.’