OWL Scotland – answering all questions on electrification

OWL Scotland, the conference aimed at the waste and logistics sector, takes place on October 29 and promises to answer any inquiries waste, fleet and transport managers might have on the electrification of fleet.

Electric RCV

Electra Commercial Vehicles was one of the first companies in the world to launch an electric RCV. Russell Markstein, Group Commercial Director for NRG Fleet Services and Electra Commercial Vehicles, will discuss how Electra can help reduce emissions and help fleets meet air quality targets. He will also explain why five influential chassis manufacturers are collaborating with Electra and offer after-sales support.

Attendees can also find out why diesel RCVs are the worst type of polluting vehicles and learn how Electra can not only help improve an organisation’s carbon footprint but will also help improve staff wellbeing and health.


Fraser Crichton, Corporate Fleet Manager for Dundee City Council, took an eight-year journey towards e-mobility transition. During OWL Scotland, he will discuss how Dundee implemented its EV-charging infrastructure strategy, including other renewable energy solutions. Fraser will also talk about how the City Council came to have the most significant percentage of electric taxis in the UK.

Cost-benefit analysis

Dr Gavin Bailey, Principal Consultant in Sustainable Future Transport and Mobility Solutions for Consultancy Eunomia will highlight the findings of the recently released report Ditching Diesel – A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Electric Refuse Collection Vehicle.

This special report explores the relative costs and environmental benefits of introducing electric Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs) as a replacement for the current standard diesel option. The researchers found that, as the cost differential between diesel and electric RCVs is now marginal, there is a strong case for introducing eRCVs more widely.

The report details a like-for-like comparison of replacing a diesel RCV with an electric RCV, modelling the costs associated with the switch, the environmental impact, and the barriers standing in the way of making the change. This analysis is one of the first of its kind, drawing from eRCV trials around the globe.

Electric Vehicle Workshop

Andy Graves, Product Marketing Manager for Dennis Eagle, will discuss an update on electric vehicle technology. Andy will also highlight how battery management and maintenance actions can ensure that EV duty cycles remain optimal during the truck’s lifetime. He will provide methods for the attendees for staying up to date with best practice in electric HGV (high voltage) maintenance while carrying out safe operational procedures.

Eliminating duty-cycle anxiety

Jason Airey, MD CMS SupaTrak, will ask the audience: ‘Do electric HGVs present a whole new world of jargon? What are kilowatt-hours (kWh) and are they the new MPG?’

During the electric vehicle workshop, he will show delegates how to understand the data from electric HGVs and how this is useful for managing efficient vehicle operation.

Learn about the limitations of operating these vehicles and what operators can do to maximise duty cycles today and in five years.

Panel discussion

The conference will close with an expert panel discussion called: Fleet electrification and the move towards cleaner air. Attendees will benefit from hearing real-life examples of best practice and easy to implement charging solutions for electric RCVs.

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