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What are some of the highlights of OWL Scotland online?

Stephen Strange, Head of UK Sales at CMS SupaTrak, will deliver a presentation called ‘Improving your domestic waste rounds management.’
Attendees can gain the following benefits from attending his session:

  • Get an overview of the issues associated with traditional, paper-based, domestic waste collection systems, based on the feedback of multiple councils.
  • Find out how technology can help to remove these problems and provide numerous other benefits.
  • Obtain an advanced preview of CMS SupaTrak’s latest JobTrak Domestic Waste solution. 

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Richard Collins, Sales and Marketing Director at VPG Onboard Weighing, will discuss how your operation can remain compliant in his presentation called ‘The benefits of online vehicle¬†weighing and overload protection systems.’ Delegates can find out the following aspects:

  • Find out what the dangers are of overloaded vehicles for your operation and other road users.
  • Discover the perfect system for your fleet
  • Find out how an online vehicle overload protection system can help improve your operations.

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